Ross Nelson, PsyD

Dr. Ross Nelson is a licensed clinical psychologist and entrepreneur in Palo Alto, CA. He received his doctoral degree from the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco. Upon graduation, Dr. Nelson worked for Kaiser Permanente for several years providing outpatient services while developing an expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. After, he began working as a psychologist for Crossover Health, an innovative startup, where he developed a specialty in managing work-related stress and anxiety while serving employees of large tech companies in Silicon Valley. He later became the company's behavioral health program manager ensuring the success of the company’s global mental health services. Dr. Nelson has since started a business, Welleo Health, as well as a private practice while also provided consulting services for various health care startups and organizations. He is passionate about evidence-based therapy and addressing the global mental health crisis through creative and scaled solutions.

"I joined K to offer evidence-based mental health support to those in need through an innovative resource."

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Anxiety Disorders Depression Life/Career Stress

Undergraduate Education

Santa Clara University

Medical Education

California School of Professional Psychology

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Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training
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