Nothing To Lose Sleep Over: Visualising Insomnia Across the US

By Caitlin Ganswindt
March 29, 2022

Sleep is elusive for many people and can be caused by a host of different things like stress, anxiety, environmental factors, other health conditions, and more. The onset of COVID-19—which had us adjusting to working and learning from home, and kept us in a state of perpetual concern for the health and wellness of ourselves and our families—also brought a spike of insomnia along with it.

As March is Sleep Awareness Month, we got curious about the prevalence of insomnia and its potential causes. So we dove into the anonymized data from hundreds of thousands of People Like You—examining instances of reported insomnia over the past two years within the K Health app, both on our Symptom Checker and during doctor-patient chats—to uncover trends related to sleeplessness, and the conditions most frequently associated with it. 

Take a look at the state of sleep across the US, and learn more about how to identify symptoms of sleep anxiety and insomnia, potential causes, available treatments, and more. 

Frequency of Reported Insomnia By State

Timeline of Insomnia in Men and Women

Top Conditions Associated With Insomnia

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Caitlin Ganswindt

Caitlin Ganswindt is the Senior Manager of Content at K Health. She has over a decade of experience executing fact-based reporting, conducting in-depth interviews and profiles, and creating full-suite digital content for many top startup companies in New York City and throughout the US.