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K lets you skip the game of phone tag with your doctor. Skip to the front of the line—and get what you need, fast.

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No insurance needed

Get a prescription for $35

What we prescribe

You value your time, and so do we. That’s why K quickly treats and prescribes medication for hundreds of different conditions. We provide short-term refills for most medications last prescribed within 12 months.

Learn more about what we prescribe in our medical policies.

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and hundreds of other conditions

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Need medication for anxiety and depression?

We have an entire judgment-free care platform designed just for you. Learn more

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One-time visit

$35/single visit (no appointment needed)

  • On-call board-certified doctors and care team for you and children ages 3+
  • Prescriptions, refills, and labs orders

K Health membership

$29/month for you, kids for FREE

  • Unlimited visits with your doctors and care team
  • Free care for children ages 3+
  • Prescriptions, refills, and lab orders
  • Rx savings card for up to 80% off  prescription

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Can I get a prescription online through the K Health app?

Yes! Your K-affiliated doctor will evaluate you to determine what prescription, if any, is appropriate. Once a doctor determines you need a prescription, he or she will send it to your local pharmacy or mail it to your door, if available.

Learn more about what we treat and what prescriptions we provide here.

Can I get a prescription refill online through the K Health app?

Yes! Learn more about our refill policy here.

How do I get my prescription?

If one of our K-Affiliated doctors believe it to be medically appropriate, they will write a prescription to a local pharmacy of your choosing. To get a prescription you will be required to submit the following information:

  1. Your home address
  2. The address and name of the pharmacy you want the prescription sent to
  3. A selfie to confirm verify against your submitted ID

If you are enrolled in our anxiety and depression management program please see here for prescription information.

Can I get a prescription for anxiety or depression from K Health?

Yes! Our approach mirrors the primary care experience. You’ll start with a conversation with K and learn how others like you were treated. You’ll then connect with a doctor who can diagnose your condition and its severity and provide a comprehensive treatment plan that may include some combination of self-guided behavioral health resources, medications, and/or referral to a local therapist or psychiatrist. From then on, you will have to check in monthly for a brief consultation with our doctors to receive your refill but don’t worry, we will remind you via text when it is time to check in.

No insurance needed

Get a prescription for $35

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