Free Remote Medical Help For People in Louisiana Impacted by Hurricane Ida

By K Health
August 31, 2021

If you have been affected by Hurricane Ida and need medical advice or treatment, we’re offering a free, virtual doctor visit to every Louisiana resident, including those that have evacuated, with the code KCARES21.

Our hearts go out to everyone in Louisiana who is experiencing the effects of Hurricane Ida.

For anyone that has evacuated or is currently in Louisiana and needs medical advice or treatment, our remote board-certified clinicians are available 24/7 via the K Health app. Clinicians can offer treatment, healthcare guidance, prescriptions, and advice on if you need to seek emergency care. K Health also can treat kids ages 3-17.

For people who evacuated without your prescriptions or are unable to get in touch with their doctor, we also may be able to offer you a one-time refill.

If you have any health questions, chat with a doctor or nurse practitioner for free on K Health for diagnosis and treatment recommendations—no appointment or insurance required. 


  • Download the K Health app
  • Create an account and tell us about your symptoms
  • Chat with a clinician for free by using code KCARES21
  • KCARES21 is valid for one visit per person. Clinicians can treat anyone ages 3 and older. To see what we can and cannot treat, please review our Medical Policies

For emergencies, call 911. For non-emergencies, call 311.