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Meet K, your free 24/7 health resource

K asks simple, relevant questions to help you understand symptoms concerning you or your kids (3-17) and gives you immediate answers you can trust.

How it works

Not feeling well?

Open K and type in what’s bothering you or your children (ages 3-17). K asks smart questions that account for your age, gender, and medical history as it investigates your health.

Get smarter answers

After a short text-based conversation, K will share how doctors have diagnosed and treated people with similar symptoms and backgrounds. Learn about other symptoms to watch for, medications you can take, typical recovery times, and more.

If K recommends it, you can instantly chat with a doctor with the click of a button.

Want to learn more about your symptoms?

Why choose K?

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No more waiting rooms

We’ve redesigned the visit and turned it into an ongoing conversation that feels like texting with a friend. You don’t need to schedule an appointment and pay a fee to get trusted answers about your health.

Personalized answers

Other symptom checkers rely on static rules or protocols to give you their best guess at a diagnosis. K was built by doctors and trained on millions of real medical records to give you more accurate results.

Your records are always private

Records of your symptoms and care stay on your phone. Plus, K Health complies with both HIPAA + GDPR, the world’s leading standards for information security and privacy. We use anonymized data to make the app smarter, but we will never share your personal health information.