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Primary care that puts you first. For just $9/month, get unlimited doctor visits, discounts, and more—all from home.

Digital primary care that’s simple and affordable

Instead of sitting in a waiting room and worrying about costs, become a K Health member where the waiting room is your living room. Our Primary Care Membership is available at a low price of $9 per month, and you’ll get unlimited access to board-certified doctors with no copays or insurance needed.


Digital primary care for $9/month

Unlimited chats with doctors who can diagnose, prescribe meds, and order labs
Up to 90 day Rx refills for common conditions such as hypertension and diabetes
Save up to 80% off prescription medication with your Rx savings card

Get (and stay) healthy

Access expert doctors from home

All doctors are board-certified and provide the highest quality of care

Search symptoms and get free answers

Start every conversation with K, our AI technology that gets smarter

Free follow-ups with your doctor

Check-in with your doctor anytime at no additional cost

Up to 80% discount on prescription drugs

Get the best price on prescription medication with your Rx savings card

No appointments required

Get help whenever and wherever you need it

Help navigating the health care system

No question is too small—start a chat with a doctor for whatever you need

Referrals, lab tests and refills as needed

Your doctor can prescribe medication, order lab tests and more. See details on what we prescribe here.

Simple, straight pricing

Pay just $9/month. No hidden fees or surprises.


What do I get as a K Health Primary Care member?

Primary Care members enjoy unlimited access to care, discounts (up to 80% off) on prescription drugs, and up to 90 day prescription refills for certain chronic medications. Free doctor chats for any children ages 3+ is also included with membership. All for just $9/month.

What is not covered as a part of this membership?

Your digital primary care membership does not cover the following:

  • At-home prescription drug delivery
  • Mental health management for conditions such as anxiety and depression. We do offer a dedicated membership for anxiety and/or depression that you can review here
  • The cost of prescription drugs, including birth control
  • Health insurance—this is not an insurance plan
What medication refills are included with my membership?

Learn more about what we treat and our refill policy here.

How do I use the drug discount card?

Show your membership card (located in the app menu) to your pharmacist and ask to check the Rx Savings Card discount price in addition to your insurance or Medicare plan price. Then select the option with the lowest cost and save money. To see the prices before picking up the medication, visit goodrx.com and search for the best drug prices at your nearest pharmacies.

Can I really chat with a doctor whenever I want to?

Yes! Members can chat with expert doctors anytime, as often as they’d like for both themselves or their children. Licensed doctors respond between the hours of 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST, seven days a week.

Can members pick a doctor or are they assigned one?

Members are assigned a doctor for each chat to keep wait times short. The member’s case history is easily reviewed by the doctor so you don’t have to repeat yourself.

Can I use my insurance to pay for this?

No, but it’s cheaper than your insurance co-pay so you still win!

How much does this cost?

Your digital primary care membership gives you unlimited care for only $9 per month. You will automatically be charged every 3 months until you cancel.

Do you accept patients without insurance?


Can you write prescriptions for mental health conditions (such as anxiety and depression)?

We have a dedicated program for mental health conditions that you can review here.

What happens if the doctor recommends that I see someone in person?

An increasing amount of excellent medical care can be administered remotely, but sometimes your symptoms may lead your K primary care doctor to recommend that you see a doctor in person. Knowing how busy you are, our doctors do not recommend this lightly, and when they do, they will work with you to try and find the right doctor in your area to make things as easy as possible. Your digital Primary Care membership does not cover the costs of seeing doctors in person.


Unlimited texting with doctors for $9/month