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You tell us what’s wrong, we figure out what to do next.

You (or your kid) feels sick

Open the K Health app and tell us what’s going on. We’ll ask the necessary questions to figure out what could be wrong and how we can help.

We give you insight

Using our combined knowledge from millions of medical records and thousands of doctors, we instantly tell you how others were diagnosed and treated.

Together we take action

We’ll tell you common treatments, what to watch out for, or suggest medications. If you want to chat with a clinician, you can connect with one instantly in the app.

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“We’re democratizing the world’s healthcare information because you should have access to the best out there, and be able to act on it on your own terms 24/7.”

Ran Shaul

Chief Product Officer

How we’re so smart.

Powered by AI

Our app is built to sort through the anonymous medical data of millions and compare it to what you enter into the Symptom Checker.

Efficient and thorough

The Symptom Checker is 85% accurate. Without human bias, we ask the right questions and are able to treat the whole you–not just your symptoms.

Always learning

With the help of our data scientists, 350+ board-certified clinicians and millions of users, our platform gets smarter every time it’s used.

Industry partners

Our partners include some of the world’s largest healthcare leaders, including Maccabi Health Services, the Mayo Clinic Platform, and Anthem.



Examples of what we can diagnose and treat remotely.

and hundreds more chronic and urgent conditions


Our Symptom Checker can help you decide if…

  • you should take over-the-counter meds or need a prescription

  • your kid has a standard cold or should see a pediatrician

  • it’s another UTI or something more serious

  • your headache is just a headache

  • you can be treated remotely by a K-affiliated clinician

  • you should go see someone in-person


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Avoid the stressful search for answers

Check your symptoms

Frequently asked questions

How much does the Symptom Checker cost?

It’s free! Just download the K Health app for free and use the Symptom Checker 24/7, as often as you. need. If you want to chat with a clinician, it will cost $23. You can also sign up for our unlimited membership for $12/month.

What are the benefits of using the Symptom Checker?

Nearly 75% of in-person medical visits can be treated from home, and the Symptom Checker gives you an accurate read of whether or not you can save a trip to the doctor’s (and a copay). So if someone has a sudden headache or their kid has a late-night fever, they can get instant peace-of-mind about what actually could be wrong, and if they can be treated from home. 

K Health’s free AI-powered Symptom Checker has shown to be accurate over 85% of the time.

While it doesn’t provide a definitive diagnosis or treatment recommendation, it does empower you with free, personalized information and an idea of what you can do next, which could be to connect with a clinician right on the K Health app.

When you start a chat with a clinician, they will be armed with data from the Symptom Checker. This allows them to speed up your diagnosis and prescribe you treatment quickly and affordably. 

Learn more about our AI here.

How is K Health different from other telemedicine apps?

K Health uses AI to connect the medical data of millions of people to help inform others about their health. 

Realistically no one person can thoroughly treat millions of patients—and if they did, unless they had a super photographic memory, they’d be unable to recall every detail of the case. 

We’ve built a web of information about peoples’ health that’s bigger, more detailed, and more accessible than any out there.  

We’ve also made it more affordable to provide care for a person. The AI handles all of the triage and intake, and the clinician makes the diagnosis and treatment plan. We also are able to operate without insurance, and are our price is way less than most copays.