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  • Sciatica - 5 MIN READ

    How To Sleep With Sciatica

    For many people who experience lower back pain associated with the sciatic nerve, known as sciatica or lumbar radiculopathy, prolonged discomfort is all too common. The sciatic nerve...

  • Sciatica - 6 MIN READ

    Why Is My Sciatica Not Going Away?

    Sciatica is a condition caused when the body’s longest and widest nerve is pressed or trapped. That nerve is the sciatic nerve, which extends from the top of...

  • Sciatica - 6 MIN READ

    How Long Does Sciatica Last?

    Despite all the ligaments, discs, and muscles that protect our spines, the most common chronic pain for adults in the U.S is lower back pain. Up to 90%...

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