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  • Vaginal Discharge - 6 MIN READ

    Thick White Discharge: Causes and What It Means

    Discharge is a common experience for women, and this fluid, which is secreted from the glands of the cervix, can give you insight into your health. Some changes...

  • Vaginal Discharge - 7 MIN READ

    Why Do I Have So Much Discharge? A Few Possible Causes

    Discharge is a normal part of vaginal health. It’s also totally normal for the amount of vaginal discharge to increase or decrease and for the texture, smell, and...

  • Vaginal Discharge - 5 MIN READ

    Orange Discharge: Causes and What it Means

    After puberty, every person with a vagina produces vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is a natural part of the vagina’s cleansing process. But sometimes, the color, odor, or volume...

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