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The team of is made up of the best doctors, medical scientists, and data engineers. They all work hard to deliver you the highest quality of care.

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Our medical leadership team is made up of world-class physicians and experts. They cover a range of specialties and have studied at some of the top medical institutions across the globe. They partner with our leadership team to tackle complex, strategic questions and ensure we have the best online doctors in telemedicine.

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Clinical physicians are board-certified doctors who consult patients in the K Health app. They are employed by an independent physician-owned professional corporation, not by K Health, so that they can focus on delivering the best care.

Jonathan Hinds, MD

Lead Physician

Keri McFarlane, MD

Lead Physician

Cheri Ogwo, MD

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Medical sciences

Our medical sciences team includes doctors who are also data scientists and engineers. They partner with our technology teams to research, design, and verify the medical data and content that power the K Health app. Their work helps our clinical physicians be the best online doctors they can be.

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We’re looking for strong, tech savvy clinicians

Why doctors choose K Health

Revolutionize health care

With data-driven technology and a passion for making health care more accessible, you can join us on our journey to change how patients receive care.

See patients anywhere

Our patients choose K because they can receive quality care anytime, anywhere with the best online doctors. Doctors enjoy the same flexibility and convenience.

Provide quality care to all

We’ve lowered the barriers to entry of health care to allow more people to get the care they need. Your work directly impacts patients who wouldn’t otherwise receive it.


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