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No matter what your health concern, start with K Health to chat with a doctor who can diagnose, order lab tests, provide referrals, and more for as low as $9/month.

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Rather than make multiple doctor’s appointments and spend time in waiting room after waiting room, you can start with K. With K Health you can text with a doctor from the comfort of your own home and get care within minutes. If a doctor determines you need further lab testing or a referral to a specialist, your doctor can take care of it all through our app. Now you can skip right to the appointment that matters by getting your lab tests and referrals online.


Text with a doctor—no insurance required

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Not feeling well? Text with a doctor within minutes for just $19. Includes unlimited check-ins and follow-ups for 1 week.

Unlimited visits

Want to know you’re always covered? Sign up for unlimited access to doctors who can diagnose and prescribe medication for just $9/month.

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Chat with a doctor within minutes

Doctors can prescribe medication, give out referrals online, order lab tests, or just provide reassurance—all via text. Before heading to a doctor’s office, connect with a doctor from home for easier, faster, and better treatment. Chat with a doctor now for $19 or sign up for ongoing care with our membership for only $9/month.


What if I need a lab test, radiology scan, physical exam or to see a specialist?

Your K-affiliated doctor will discuss a recommended treatment plan that may include a physical exam, lab tests, or radiology scans. They may send you directly for some of these tests, but others will require you to visit a local doctor or specific specialist. The doctor can give you the referral online. You are always welcome to discuss your labs/test results with our doctors.

My doctor ordered a lab test online. What do I need to do next?

While chatting with you, your doctor sent you the name, location, and phone number of the laboratory to where your order was sent.

You’ll want to bring your license, insurance card (if you have) and a credit card. Regardless of your insurance, they’ll keep your credit card on file in case insurance doesn’t cover the full amount. You can also use the lab’s website to estimate the cost of the lab.

When the results are ready, the lab will send your laboratory results back to us and we will reach out to you regarding the results.

How do I get my lab work done?

After the K-affiliated doctor creates the lab order, you should locate the lab center near you. There is no need for an appointment. Bring your photo ID, insurance card, a method of payment and the device you used for your K chat. Depending on your insurance plan, you may have to pay a copay. Your K-affiliated doctor will give you instructions for how to prepare for your lab test (such as fasting) and will follow up once your results are back.

How much will my lab test cost?

In most cases, the cost of your lab test is not covered by K. What you owe will depend on the price of your test and your insurance coverage. The lab accepts most major health plans. You can check the cost of your lab by contacting the lab directly.

In some instances, your health insurance plan may not pay for laboratory tests ordered through a telemedicine visit. If this is the case, you will be responsible for the full amount billed by the lab. K Health does not control the manner in which the lab performs lab testing services or how you are billed for those services.


Text with a doctor for less than a copay