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Everything you need to know about dental infections

Why deal with the hassle of scheduling an appointment, waiting endlessly in the waiting room, and paying a copay (or an expensive out-of-pocket fee if you don’t have insurance!) when you can get the same care from home? Next time you need dental infection treatment, chat with a board-certified doctor through K Health, for just $19.

Dental Infections: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment Options

An abscessed dental infection, sometimes called an abscessed tooth, is a localized pocket of pus that has formed somewhere in or around a tooth. It occurs when bacteria find a way to enter the tooth, either through a cavity, a chip or crack in the tooth, or because of improper dental work. The bacteria spread to the soft interior or “pulp” of the tooth, and travel from there to its root, causing redness, swelling, and tenderness in the tooth, gum, or jaw.

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What is the best antibiotic to treat a tooth infection?

Penicillin and amoxicillin are the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for tooth infection. When you speak with a doctor, they can assess whether one of those options is right for you, or whether you need a different type of antibiotic.

Can I get antibiotics for a tooth infection online?

Yes! With K Health, you can chat with a doctor for as low as $9 and get antibiotics for your tooth infection instantly.

Can I get a prescription online through the K Health app?

Yes! Your K-affiliated doctor will evaluate you to determine what prescription, if any, is appropriate. Once a doctor determines you need a prescription, he or she will send it to your local pharmacy or mail it to your door, if available. Learn more about what we treat and our refill policy here.

How do I get my prescription?

If one of our K-Affiliated doctors believe it to be medically appropriate, they will write a prescription to a local pharmacy of your choosing. To get a prescription you will be required to submit the following information:

  1. Your home address
  2. The address and name of the pharmacy you want the prescription sent to
  3. A selfie to confirm verify against your submitted ID

How do I connect with a doctor online?

Simply download the K Health mobile app and start sharing your symptoms with our intelligent system. After a few questions, your doctor will join the conversation to prescribe a personalized treatment plan.

Can I really chat with a doctor whenever I want to?

Yes! You can chat with expert doctors anytime. Licensed doctors respond between the hours of 9am-11pm EST, 7 days a week.

How much does K Health cost?

It’s free to use the symptom checker.

If you want to chat with a clinician, a one-time visit costs $19. This includes three days of follow-up and access to a clinician.

For unlimited access to doctors, you can sign up for our Primary Care membership for only $9 per month. If you enroll in our membership, you’ll automatically be charged every three months ($27) until you cancel.

Learn more about our pricing here.

Can I use my insurance to pay for this?

No, but it’s cheaper than your insurance copay so you still win!

Do you accept patients without insurance?


Does K Health offer discounts on drugs?

Yes! Open your K Health app and show your drug discount card (located in the app menu) to your pharmacist. Ask to check the GoodRx discount price in addition to your insurance or Medicare plan price. Then select the option with the lowest cost and save money. To see the prices before picking up the medication, visit and search for the best drug prices at your nearest pharmacies.

Can I still use K Health if I don’t have a dental problem?

Yes! You can chat with a doctor through our app for any symptoms. K-affiliated doctors can diagnose, prescribe medication, fulfill refills, order labs, send referrals, and more—all online. Learn more about what we treat and our refill policy here.

What do I get as a K Health member?

Members enjoy unlimited access to care, discounts (up to 80% off) on prescription drugs, up to 90 day prescription refills for certain chronic medications, and proactive COVID-19 health monitoring. All for just $9/month. Learn more.

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